Mulberry Groove Publishing

Mulberry Groove Publishing was started in 2011 by owners and artists Todd and Nadia Bernardy.

Todd Bernardy II
Owner | Artist | Author

Todd Bernardy

Todd Bernardy was born in Norman, Oklahoma. He graduated from the University of New Mexico in
2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine art, and Literature. He lives in Haiku, Hawaii with his gorgeous
wife, Nadia, and his adorable daughter, Pania.  

Artist Statement
I draw because I can’t dance. I love music, but instead of dancing to music, I draw. That’s how it goes with inspiration.
The apparatus of perception influences our observations. When I encounter other art, or anything stimulating for that
matter, I respond by trying to document my experience. This process has made me away of how I perceive any phenomena,
like a telescope aware of its mirrors and lenses. So I am inspired, and I create to present an artifact of my imagination to an
audience. More than once someone asks, “Are you on drugs?”

“No, I’m not on drugs.”

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Nadia Bernardy
Owner | Graphic Designer | Web Designer


Nadia studied Graphic and Web design at the University of Visual Arts in New Mexico.
After graduating she worked as an In-House Graphic and Web Designer for a wholesale
company. She latter went on to manage the company’s social media as their Internet
Marketing Manager. She then started working in Tech for Airbnb focusing on
social media and travel. Shortly after she launched Mulberry Groove Publishing with her
husband and Artist Todd Bernardy. In 2012 they moved to Maui where they were married
in a labyrinth and now have a beautiful daughter named Pania. Inspired by her family’s
frequent travel to comic book conventions around the country Nadia also started a family
travel blog called Wanderful Mama.

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